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Adiguru Ventures Private based in South India and is the leading Printer of the region for Commercial Printing, Packaging Folding Cartons & Rigid Set-up boxes , Flexible Laminates & Pouches, Self-adhesive & Wrap-around Labels, Branding, Signages & Corporate Gifting.

About us

We are backed by strong workforce, making us the most innovative printing company in equipped with the latest technology in pre-press, press and post-press. With the state of the art facilities and huge production capacity in Web & Sheet fed Offset, Sheet & Rotary Gravure, Flexographic, Large Format Branding & all Printing processes & presses available and every process taking place in-house, we assure clients of our best services with short turnaround time.

We specialize in producing high-quality Packaging, Flexible Laminates & Pouches, Self- adhesive & Wrap-around Labels, Folding Cartons & Rigid setup boxes for Perfumes, Cosmetics, Confectionaries, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals and customers around the globe. We also produce books, magazines, catalogs, annual reports, calendars, and with security features & Modern techniques.

From our hub in Bengaluru, Our goal is to provide you with top-level service from the moment you walk in the door. Every job, from the point it enters our system, is handled with care and the attention to detail with our professionals who take pride in delivering.

About Us

Print-Print: Your Printing ‘Specialists’

We like printing, we have been doing it for a while now and we like to think we are pretty good at it. We offer all the usual things you would expect, high quality products and great customer service. But rather than get the loudhailer out and make a sales pitch, we prefer a more relaxed approach.

So we are here to help whatever your printing needs. It’s really that simple. We saw an opportunity to provide a wide product range as standard while remaining flexible to individual needs, creating bespoke printing on request. Name it we do it.

We have worked with great companies along the way, We cover everything on Print, Packaging, Branding Name it we do it we are specialists There is no resting on our laurels though; we follow a philosophy, always seeking to improve our service and products, whilst having a smile on our face at the same time.


We are committed to delivering high-quality printing solutions without compromising our social, environmental and ethical business responsibility. Quality and responsibility extend throughout everything we deliver and everything we do. We focus on constant improvements and at the same time actively support initiatives promoting business ethics, environmental protection, labour and human rights. It’s a Principle Based Company based on ethics, Values & Emotions built from our founder.


To be the leading printing and packaging solution provider in the industry.


Committed to inspiring customers with innovation, quality products, process and on-time delivery through continuous improvement in talent and technology.

Our Services

Design, Printing, All Kinds of Packaging, Branding, Signages & corporate Gifting, Print & Online Media Management.

We pride ourselves on our global client base and strive to provide modern in-house facilities for our customers.

Pre-press, press and post-press are contained under one roof and comprise the latest technologies in printing and finishing.


"Switched on by new technology"

In the fast moving world of print technology, standing still is not an option. At Adiguru ventures Pvt ltd, we continuously invest in new pre-press, press, and post press systems to make sure that you benefit from the best technology available. All manned by people who know how to get the best out of the latest technology. All with one aims in mind- better service, better quality and greater efficiency.


Printing is not about machines and materials. It is a process, a mystery. It is a story. It is about capturing mundane pieces of substrates images and emotions, hopes and dreams, passions and perceptions, plans and projections. Quietly backed by skills and schedules, deadlines and deliveries, quality and costing. It is a complex story.

Adiguru Ventures Pvt Ltd. understands the underlying magic of it. Because machines do not print. People do.

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